This is the beginning stage of producing the coffee image for your coffee shop. First we decide on the date and time, then we put a list of items from the Menu that you'd like to include in the shoot. We also select the props such as mugs, cups, saucers etc. To add character to your coffee story, I will send you the link to my curated online gallery of  vintage/antique coffee related prop collection where you can select any pieces you'd like to add onto the coffee set at no extra charge. 

Here are the list of what we can photograph for your coffee shop:
1. Coffee and other beverage
2. Food
3. Architectural (interior/exterior shots)
4. Owner's portrait/head shot
5. Barista in action
6. Employee group portrait



This is where the fun begins. The shoot will require a designated space/table in your coffee shop. We can do the shoot during business hours or whichever time your prefer. We will go through the list that we have put together during our Select Stage. I will let you know when you should prepare the item to be shot. Each item will need to be photographed as soon as you completed the preparation, so that we can capture its freshness. Please note, items we place onto the shooting table must be thrown away afterwards. They are not safe to drink or eat anymore.

Interested about previewing each shot I am capturing? All you need is an iPad or any Android tablet. I will give you access to my State of the Art Wireless Tethering System, so that you can watch LIVE in your tablet, as your coffee story progresses and select your favorites.



One week after the SHOOT, I will send you the link to your private online gallery of up to 25 images where you can browse, select and purchase image/s at discounted price. The gallery will expire in 30 days, so you have plenty of time to decide which image to buy for your coffee business. 

Each image you purchase comes with a 2 Years Royalty Free Usage License (5 years and 10 years are also available). That means you can use the image/s countless times and in countless projects within the terms of the license. Please note: The image/s you purchase are going to be licensed to your business, they are yours to use for any projects, but you cannot transfer or resell the License. The images are still the intellectual property of IndieBeanShots. Should you decide to buy the copyright of any image you like, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Creative Fee: $85
2 Years Royalty Free Usage License: $19.95/image
5 Years Royalty Free Usage License: $39.95/image
10 Years Royalty Free Usage License: $59.95/image


If you book within this month, I will waive the $85 creative fee and you only pay for the image that you like to buy.

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