Big Budget Look Images for low budget independent coffee shops.

What if an image can speak and describe to customer about its aroma and taste, so convincing that your customer would point to the image and say...


Indiebeanshots' focus is to make the image that can speak volumes to the eye and appetite of your customers.


FAQ #1

Q: I already have an expensive camera, so why hire a photographer?
A: Owning an expensive camera is one thing, producing a high quality image is another and required more than having an expensive tool. 

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FAQ #2

Q: My coffee shop is not a fast food restaurant. Displaying  food and drink images would make my Cafe look like one.
A: No one can ever deny the communicating power of an image. Images create a long lasting 

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FAQ #3

Q: How much do you charge to produce high quality images that I can use to market and promote my business?
A: My creative fee is $350.  Each image is $19 and comes with a 2 Years Royalty Free Usage...

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