FAQ #1

Q: I already have an expensive camera, so why hire a photographer?
A: Owning an expensive camera is one thing, producing a high quality image is another and required more than having an expensive tool. Food and drink are very unusual subjects that require styling, propping and knowing what design elements to emphasize. Each subject will determine the quality of light to use and what prop to include. 

FAQ #2

Q: Displaying  food and drink images would make my Cafe look like a fast food restaurant, so why use them?
A: No one can ever deny the communicating power of an image. Images create a long lasting impression and it speak volumes even without a written message. The messages conveyed by the images is vital to the the success of selling your food and drinks to your customers. Ever wonder why giant fast food chains sell their food by the millions? That's because they know how to tap into the power of images by feeding the eye and appetite of their customers.

FAQ #3

Q: How much do you charge to produce high quality images that I can use to market and promote my business?
A: My creative fee is $350.  Each image is $19 and comes with a 2 Years Royalty Free Usage License. 5 years Royalty Free is available for $39 and 10 Years Royalty Free for $59. I can also put together a special package for your Cafe's specific needs.

Any additional questions regarding my service? Please send me a message.

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